Fergus Falls Daily Journal Artist Profile

The Fergus Falls Daily Journal profiled me and another Hinge Artist Sharon Mansur about our art and current projects. I am just wrapping up my first artist residency in Fergus Falls thanks to the amazing organization, Springboard for the Arts. It has been a rich experience and I hope to write more about it soon, but with moving and beginning graduate school, it will be a busy time.

Please see my new blog Off Her Rocker for my blog about my artist residency, research at the asylum, mental health, and beyond! Off Her Rocker is about resilience and the power and beauty of darkness and rebirth, what we can learn when we see self-destruction as a lesson instead of demonizing, vilifying, or criminalizing it. We need to move beyond defining ourselves beyond our illnesses, beyond the stigma and shame, and reach instead toward a place of healing. It’s time to start dusting off those skeletons in the closet, bringing them to the light where they belong.

Via the FF Profile: “Torgeson had an open suitcase set up in the corner of Springboard for the Arts. It included various items from her times spent in treatment. From pill bottles to cards written by family and friends, the suitcase contained insights into her life and also her writing… This residency is Torgeson’s first and she came about it in a special way.”

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